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Former Bucks Poet Laureate pens third book of poems


Former Bucks County Poet Laureate and retired George School English teacher Terence Culleton’s third collection of poems, “A Tree and Gone,” is now out through Future Cycle Press.

“A Tree and Gone” is a collection of 54 English sonnets (the kind Shakespeare used to write) divided into three sections. Each section explores aspects of “our relationship to ourselves and the natural world.”

“In our time, everything seems mediated by the competing interests of money, politics, vague spiritual yearnings, and something we call empirical truth. These poems try to capture moments in which we intuit the irreducibility of our inner life,” Culleton said.

“Sonnets are ideally suited to capturing such moments,” Culleton explained. “They’re humble little epiphanies. They discover in the everyday something unexpected and new, some new insight or realization.”

Many of the sonnets in “A Tree and Gone” have been featured in publications nationally and in the U.K. One of them, “Fudge Shop,” won First Honorable Mention in the 2019 Helen Schaible International Traditional Sonnet Contest.

“A Tree and Gone” is available in Kindle and print format through FutureCycle Press, as well as through the author’s website.