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Bucks student is first high school graduate of The Quaker School


As it is for high school seniors everywhere, commencement day – with all of its pomp and circumstance and sense of accomplishment – was a big deal for Sellersville resident Sam Gerhart.

But for Gerhart and his family, the celebration marked even more of a milestone as he is the very first high school graduate of The Quaker School at Horsham.

The Quaker School at Horsham (TQS) is a private school that serves children with learning challenges, such as ADHD, autism, anxiety disorders, and expressive and receptive language disorders.

After teaching and supporting students in grades K-8 for decades, TQS opened its Upper School in the fall of 2019, which is when Sam rejoined TQS to complete his high school studies.

Gerhart had attended TQS from fifth through eighth grade and participated in the school’s Transitional Academic Program in his ninth grade year before transferring to his public school for his high school years. When the Upper School program became an option this year, Sam was eager to return to the smaller class sizes and individualized support that had helped him thrive in his previous school years. Back at TQS for his 12th grade year, Gerhart regained his confidence, excelled in his classes, and progressed successfully to graduation day.

What’s next for Gerhart? He plans to continue working as an employee of his family’s plumbing business, work he has enjoyed for several years as an apprentice to his father.