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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Governor Wolf Signs Medical Marijuana Legalization Bill into Law

Harrisburg, PA – April 17, joined by advocates, members of his administration, and a bipartisan group of lawmakers, Governor Wolf signed Senate Bill 3, legalizing medical marijuana in Pennsylvania.

Governor Wolf Signs Bill to Support Victims of Spousal Abuse

Harrisburg, PA – April 21, Governor Wolf signed HB12 which breaks down barriers for victims of spousal abuse by empowering victims to take control of their divorce proceedings.

Bristol Marsh Nature Preserve Virtual Tour

Governor Wolf Signs Executive Order to Raise Minimum Wage, Calls on Legislature to Raise Minimum Wag

Gourmet Getaway 2016 - Free Will Brewing

Interview with John Stemler, Brewmaster at Free Will Brewing Company in Perkasie, Pennsylvania.

A video describing exactly what Art garden CSA is, who is serves and how you can become involved. ww

Feed of Harrisburg's Famous Peregrine Falcons Returns Just in Time for Valentine’s Day

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It's bug season, and bats need your help!

Across the country, entire bat colonites are being decimated at alarming rates due to a silent predator:
White Nose Syndrome.

Locally, we've seen the implications of this lethal fungus firsthand at Heritage Conservancy's preserved Durham bat cave, where over 99% of 10,000 bats met a grim fate.

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