Settling in Lambertville

Of Iron & Oak moves into river community

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Founder Mary Beth Barenborg and her husband, Anthony, stand in front of of Iron & Oak headquarters .

National furniture brand of Iron & Oak has brought its headquarters to Lambertville, N.J., giving Americans a new way to buy furniture.

Mary Beth Barenborg, president and CEO of Stunt Double Inc., a boutique branding firm specializing in brands manufactured in the United States, launched the furniture brand of Iron & Oak in 2013.

Created to fill the void for American-made custom furniture, of Iron & Oak provides “high quality furniture at realistic prices. Because of Iron & Oak doesn’t place [an] emphasis on expensive catalogues and lavish retail locations like [its] competitors, [it is] able to reinvest [its] profits into what matters: the make of the furniture.

“From classic leather Chesterfield sofas to sleek mid-century modern sectionals, the design possibilities are endless for of Iron & Oak’s clients.”

Though most business is done through its website,, clients can now meet the team and plan their own custom furniture in person at the new Lambertville showroom, 202 N. Union St. The change in location has helped of Iron & Oak build personal connections with its clients while continuing to craft its furniture one piece at a time in its North Carolina workshop.

“After years of online business providing our product to homes across the country, of Iron & Oak is thrilled to have the comfort of a city as beautiful and welcoming as Lambertville to call home,” owner Barenborg said.

By creating each piece to order, of Iron & Oak eliminates the wasted resources put into stock pieces that don’t sell. Without the extra overhead costs associated with maintaining an inventory, of Iron & Oak, together with the craftsmen they partner with in North Carolina, “is able to keeps costs low on each custom piece and achieve [its] ultimate goal: high-quality, made-to-order furniture that lasts a lifetime.”

“No more waiting weeks for furniture to arrive from overseas, no more shoddy workmanship and finally – quality at a surprisingly affordable price,” said Barenborg, when asked about of Iron & Oak’s goal. “You don’t have to pay restoration or pottery prices for foreign-made knockoffs. Just visit our showroom or website, choose your options and finishes and your new furniture will be shipped directly to your home with our standard VIP delivery service. Why buy what everyone else has?”


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