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Select ONE Recognition for which you are nominating your candidate and submit an essay of 500 words or less about your nominee.

Pro Bono Heroes:
Lawyers who have done extraordinary pro bono work—measured by hours of work, impact and outcomes.

Note: At least one out of the three individuals selected will be a sole practitioner.

Tell our panel why your nominee is a Pro Bono Hero. How has the nominee impacted the lives of others? How much uncompensated time has he/she contributed to pro bono service?

Great Mentors:

Lawyers who, through mentorship, have made a profound impact on the individual/s mentored.

Note: Those mentored do not have to be lawyers. 

Tell our panel why your nominee is a Great Mentor? How has s/he impacted you or others mentored?

Community Champion of Champions:
An exceptional lawyer who volunteers his or her time to help others in the community.

Note: The emphasis for this recognition is on non-legal volunteer work performed on behalf of a community organization/s.

Tell us how your nominee has gone above and beyond in service to others in the community? How has s/he impacted the lives of others? Helped other organizations with attaining their missions? Made the world a better place?

Rising Stars:

Lawyers with fewer than five years of practice who demonstrate exception integrity, legal acumen, and commitment to the betterment of the legal profession.

Note: At least one of the three rising stars selected will be associated with a firm of five or fewer attorneys.

Tell the panel how your nominee, with fewer tan five years of practice, has demonstrated exceptional integrity, legal acumen and commitment to the betterment of the legal profession.

Wonder Woman:
A female attorney who has demonstrated extraordinary leadership, integrity, and commitment towards the advancement of women.

Note: The ‘advancement of women’ could be the advancement of women within or outside of the legal profession.

Tell the panel how your nominee has demonstrated extraordinary leadership, integrity and commitment in the advancement of women?

Lawyers with Cool 2nd Gigs:
Musicians, artists, actors, authors, Olympic bobsledders, rapid translators, stunt doubles, etc.

In 200 words or less: Tell the panel about the cool job your nominee performs when not practicing law.

Most Family-Friendly Firm:
A law firm of any size that is exemplifies family-friendly employment practices.

In 500 words or less: Describe the family-friendly employment practices of the Bucks County law firm you are nominating for this recognition.

The Peacemaker:
A lawyer who excels at achieving results through mediation and/or arbitration—not litigation.

Tell the panel how this nominee excels at achieving results through mediation and/or arbitration—and keeps his/her clients out of the courtroom.

The Brainiac:
A lawyer who, through scholarship and intellectual firepower, has made an impact on the practice of law.

Tell the panel how the lawyer you are nominating has impacted the practice of law through scholarship, publishing and other intellectual contributions.

Most likely to argue before the U.S. Supreme Court:
Lawyers who have either argued before the Supreme Court and/or would be most likely to do so in the not-too-distant future.

Tell the panel about your nominees experience arguing before the Supreme Court of the United States, or why you think he/she is most likely to do so in the not-too-distant future.

Most likely to be on CNN:
A lawyer the mainstream media seek out for expertise and commentary.

Note: The lawyer does not have to have appeared on CNN—but if he/she did it would not be a surprise.

Provide the panel with examples of media appearances and any other evidence of why your nominee is most likely to be on CNN (or another major network).


Use of Materials Submitted:
All nomination material will remain confidential with the following exceptions: When a nominee is selected for recognition, the information about the nominees’ activities that was provided by the nominator may be published in Lawyers Among Us and used in public relations materials produced in connection with the issue and recognition-related events and communications.

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