Lahaska/Holicong: Midway between river and county seat


The Bucks County Herald office.

The words, now towns of Lahaska and Holicong, both come from Lenape language describing how water flows, through mountains and terrain familiar within Bucks County. The Lahaska Creek still quietly flows near U.S. Route 202.

Both villages are within Buckingham Township, one of the earliest settlements of the commonwealth, and probably one of the most peaceful areas ever to be settled during a time of strife pertaining to land ownership.

Buckingham retained its peaceful existence, however, despite the commotion around it throughout the centuries. Its longtime impeccable reputation for education still stands. And despite the massive highway growth around it (Routes 202 and 263), it still manages to keep its charm intact.

Much of this is to the credit of Peddler’s Village, the brainchild of Earl Jamison in the early 1960s, who reasoned that the lure of surrounding beauty of Bucks County would translate into dollars spent locally. It worked and it has worked ever since, bringing people from all over the world to experience just a taste – and then perhaps more – of Bucks County.

There’s also a shopping center, Buckingham Green, which has several shops, a dry cleaner and eating establishments.

There is a tradition of formal education in the heart of Bucks County – specifically Lahaska and Holicong.

Buckingham Friends School has for over 200 years provided students with superior options. And although it no longer exists, there was once a girls’ boarding school in Holicong – unusual in its day – specifically designed to keep up with the boys’ education in nearby Buckingham.

The Central Bucks public schools, Central Bucks High School East and Holicong Middle School, are on Holicong Road.

And of course, the beloved Bucks County SPCA, home, temporarily, to many dogs, cats and other friends is on Street Road in Lahaska. Thousands of dogs, cats and other adoptable animals have been lovingly cared for here, in the outskirts of busy New Hope and Doylestown.

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