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Taking the confusion out of small-business digital marketing


While it’s true that small-business owners wear many hats, digital marketing is not a one-size-fits-all hat. Instead, think of this multi-faceted communication tool as a custom-fitted hat. The tools may be the same across all industries, but the application – and fit – will likely vary from business to business.

For some Bucks County business owners, digital marketing itself can be overwhelming. Knowing how to get started and where to begin, with the website, social media, email marketing or search marketing, can be intimidating. Beginners are often confused about what digital marketing entails and struggle to understand how it relates to their business.

It’s sometimes easy to throw your hands up in frustration and put off digital marketing campaigns altogether. However, in order to continually grow your business, it’s necessary to have a digital presence.

To help take the frustration and confusion out of digital marketing, SCORE Bucks County is offering a five-part lunch and learn series beginning Sept. 21 and continuing bi-weekly through Nov. 16. Our chapter had offered similar topics in Webinar formats last year but found the discussions to be too broad. Our focus this time is on individual topics for each session.

By zeroing in on the various digital marketing subjects, SCORE hopes to impart all attendees with hands-on, interactive learning. The two-hour workshops are purposely kept small to allow for plenty of networking, discussions and sharing of meaningful insight.

It’s not that folks who attend our workshops will complete all digital marketing tasks in a single workshop, but they should leave with a good understanding of the basics and enough information to get started in the digital marketing area of interest.

In addition to my volunteer mentoring with SCORE Bucks County, I teach digital marketing at Holy Family University. Teaching college-aged students is similar to talking to small business owners unsure of how to get started in digital marketing. It’s a matter of simplifying complex topics to allow for better understanding of the overall impact. When it’s boiled down to that level the confusion disappears. In the academic world, we call this approach to teaching learning by doing.

That’s the overall goal for these workshops as well. We want to help beginners in the digital marketing realm, or business owners who may be stuck and unsure of where to begin, have a better understanding of basic concepts and how they can be put to action.

I will be teaching the first session, “How to get started in digital marketing,” on Sept. 21. Subsequent topics include Donna Botti’s session, “How to make your Website work for you” on Oct. 5; Marsha Pearson’s talk, “How to get started with email marketing” on Oct. 19; Josh Gellock’s “How to get started in search marketing” session on Nov. 2; and Cindy Branson’s “How to get started in Facebook marketing” on Nov. 16.

Workshops cost $25 each and include lunch. When taken together, the sessions serve as a digital marketing bootcamp. To learn more or register for a workshop, please visit https://form.jotform.com/82345449628971.

Dr. Don Goeltz is an Associate Professor at Holy Family University and a SCORE Bucks County mentor.


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