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State roads program designed to protect water resources


Continuing to take advantage of the state’s special dirt and gravel roads program, that is designed to help municipalities protect their water resources, Haycock Township has announced approval for a grant of about $13,700 for 2018.

The announcement was made by Roadmaster Dave Long during his report at the Aug. 6 public board of supervisors meeting.

Long said that this year’s grant was for Creamery Road, from Apple Road to the dead end. He also noted that the township was still using its $40,000 grant from 2017, which is for most of Churchview Drive. The state grants are coordinated through the county conservation district.

The grants cover drainage and resurfacing work, with the latter featuring special stone that packs well, and also includes spraying for dust control and hardening assistance. The idea is to keep the unpaved roads from contributing unwanted extra particulate to already sufficiently burdened local waterways, especially during stormwater runoff. The work on Churchview has included carefully working around heron nests.

In another state-assisted program, Long said PennDOT had provided an additional $12,375 for their winter maintenance agreement with the township, as a “severe winter adjustment.”

PennDOT’s basic annual contribution, which has been increasing each year, now approaches $30,000, and is designed to help the township plow and salt the state roads within its borders.

In Haycock Township Community Center (HTCC) news, Dawn Kline reported that the steering committee is hoping for an all-outdoor event for the Sept. 8 flea market. Applications for vendors are available at the township office on Harrisburg School Road.

Kline also said planning for the township’s annual Community Day is to start this month, with a meeting hopefully taking place before the next supervisors’ meeting on Sept. 4.

Interested volunteers are welcome to contact the township office at 215-536-3641, or email asilvestri@haycocktwp.com.


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