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Speeding protests yield threats to residents in Haycock Township


Frustrated by lack of sufficient attention to their concerns about speeding motorists on Cider Press Lane in Haycock Township, residents have taken to confronting the offenders themselves.

In response to the continuing complaint, officials have urged continued supportive and persistent reporting of the problem to the state police, while urging resurrection of a proposal to move the troopers’ local service barracks from Dublin to Nockamixon State Park.

Complainants at the Aug. 7 public supervisors’ meeting said they represented 14 households. They noted that in response to their direct protests of the speeding, at least at 45 and 50 mph in the 35 mph zone, where regulatory signage has been repeatedly removed, apparently “spitefully” by the offenders, they had been “swerved at, yelled at, and flipped off.”

In one report by a resident, an offender had stopped his car, reversed, and told the resident she needed to stop attempting to make photographic records of his offenses, or he would “ruin it for her.”

Supervisors and staff urged continued and persistent reporting of the problem to state police in Dublin, who were noted to have recently gone through a commander change, and to also help them as much as possible with detailed information.

They also suggested helping out motorists by actions such as stepping off the road with their dog when they approached.

Residents of Cider Press Lane and Deerwood Lane had originally reported the offenses at the May 1 meeting.

Troopers have been understood to be stretched thin in their broad service area for towns lacking their own police, while those towns are typically unable to budget for their own without dramatic tax increases, and in some cases having to withdraw their support after trying it. During a board of supervisors meeting visit in Nockamixon Township last January, officers urged residents to contact state officials in support of adding more troopers.

At the Aug. 7 Haycock meeting, Supervisor Chair Kathy Babb called for contacting state representatives to request resurrection of a proposal a while back that called for relocating the Dublin barracks to Nockamixon State Park, as a more central location to serve from. She noted that the former proposal had reached the level of resolutions of support from several townships.

Also at the Aug. 7 meeting, supervisors approved a lease with the Haycock Fire Company to develop and manage a “future banquet facility and related areas of the new Haycock Township Community Center (HTCC)” on Old Bethlehem Road, at the site of the former Haycock Elementary School.

Babb praised the company for “what they do for the community, in so many hours, including developing and maintaining expertise not only in firefighting, but also emergency medical and marine diving.”

After the meeting, Fire Company Chief Harry Grim said renovations would combine the former cafeteria and gymnasium into the new hall, with a “full-fledged commercial-grade kitchen.”

Funding is to come from the general fund, supplemented by bank loans, with strong confidence in “payback from activities.” Meanwhile, the volunteer HTCC Committee reported continued development of events, with a letter soon to go out directly to all residents with details, including how to keep in touch.

Regarding new ideas for events and activities, they noted “nothing is off the table at this point; if it brings people in, we’re interested.”



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