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Patricia Walsh-Collins: Shared Teachings


The word “euphoric” best describes my experience of my father’s passing.

How could this be?

Childbirth inspired my other two encounters of true euphoria. How could my father’s dying be an euphoric event?

While, not his preference, my father’s spiritual preparedness for his departure from this earth serves as my most profound spiritual teaching.

Wrestling with pain of the physical body and an emerging restless soul, he traveled between worlds. I believe he was shedding his humanity, which had obscured and confined his true essence.

From his deathbed, passionately harnessing all his intention, he summoned each of his children. Not all had chosen to be present at this moment, yet he willed it. Through phone calls, air flights, road journeys, traveling from five different states, we were drawn to his side. It was powerful and deeply moving as I observed him physically and energetically reel us in toward his heart center. As I watched him expand, beyond his body’s capacity, I witnessed a spiritual Truth.

This emotionally inexpressive man morphed into emotion itself. He seemed to be transitioning out of his physical body, returning to his spiritual essence, emerging from within.Words fail to adequately convey the experience, but through my mind, body, and soul, I absorbed a “knowing,” as I witnessed him transform into Love itself.

He became magnificently immense, beyond what eyes could glimpse, or hands could cradle. I held a conscious awareness of him extending beyond this dimension. My heart and spirit recognized his essence as the same that exists deep within myself. I recognized that our grandeur extends far beyond what our human form allows. I perceived him as a spiritual being, interconnected to all beings through this life force of love.

Twenty-two years later, as our beautiful sycamore trees shed their mottled bark, I am reminded of my father’s shedding. My father’s death still stands as my most powerful spiritual teaching. He literally revealed his soul to me, teaching me that we are not our bodies, rather infinite love, embodied within human form for the duration of our enrollment in Earth School.

Is it possible to shed portions of our humanity, unveiling our original spiritual essence while still alive? Is this not our assignment? ... to walk our earth walk seeking and engaging our highest self, shedding our human frailties and limitations?

Are we able to act from our highest consciousness of love, rather than our earthborn fear, living in harmony as spiritual beings balancing a life in human form?

Could we at least try?

Patricia Walsh-Collins is a 38-year resident of Bucks County, with a 23-year career as a professional educator. She is creator and owner of Art of Spirit and Art of Spirit’s Earth School.



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