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Mystery tombstones surface in Upper Makefield

Pidcock stones used to support cottage floor

The gravestones of Rachel and John Pidcock sit side by side in a room of an Upper Makefield Township cottage where workmen found them, face up, under the floor, where they were used as supports.

Members of the Pidcock Family Association are attempting to obtain information about two 19th -century Pidcocks whose tombstones were discovered recently under the floorboards of an old cottage in Upper Makefield Township.

“The landowner very graciously allowed several of our officers to view the grave markers, which workmen found while repairing a floor in the cottage,” said association historian John L. Moore.

The cottage dates to the early 1900s, and the gravestones were used to support the floor, he said.

Born in 1826, Rachel Pidcock was 36 when she died in 1863, and John Pidcock, born in 1821, was 70 when he passed away in 1892, according to inscriptions on the stones.

The property owner, whom Moore declined to identify, said he doesn't know where the graves of the people named on the tombstones are located. He has offered to donate the markers to the association.

Moore and two other association officers – genealogist Karen Pidcock Price of Ohio and newly elected president Alan Pidcock of Alabama – visited the property on Friday, Aug. 4, the day before the association’s annual family reunion along Pidcock Creek in Washington Crossing Historic Park.

At its reunion, the association agreed to find an appropriate place for the tombstones.

Moore asked anyone with information about Rachel and John and where they may have been buried to contact him by email at pidcock2013@yahoo.com.

The 2018 Pidcock reunion has been scheduled for Saturday, Aug. 4.



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