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Chip Mergott: Music Minute

Step by step

Singer-songwriter Livingston Taylor has written one of the world’s great gospel songs even though he’s not a professing believer. He recently spoke backstage at The New Hope Winery on how the song was born.

“’Step by Step’ came from being in Texarkana, Texas, and I was speaking to a group of high school students … and I looked at these kids – and here I am a snobby guy from Boston – and I had nothing to relate to them with. And I thought to myself … wait a minute … ‘Are you ready to take a little step? Step by step?’ And that was the germ of that song.”

“Step by Step” is available on iTunes, and the 2006 CD release “There You Are Again.” It features an all star cast of Nashville’s finest session musicians, and a gospel choir arranged and conducted by the late Andre Crouch.

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