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Patricia Walsh-Collins: Shared Teachings

Spiritual Patriotism

I love my country. I also feel shame. I am a patriot, although my allegiance extends far beyond the government, which literally rules the land. I have fought for this land. My patriotism is not evidenced through military service, rather through my reverence and ethical defense of the land, air and water that feeds my body and soul.

Politics is not the lens through which I see, nor the language through which I express my devotion. This sacred orb is the beating heart of my three-dimensional existence, but the umbilical cord extends far beyond.

I see and act with the body of a human, although my genetics extends beyond this species, into the forests, waters and skies, beyond the land and above the celestial chandelier.

America’s history carries the stain of our worst human vices, and pulses with the blood of lies and fear.

Conflicted as an educator and mother, I asked myself, “How and what do I teach?” I teach from the original truth, the Earth. I teach about relationship and spirit. Pachamama (mother earth) is reliably authentic, and from her, all necessary truths emanate. Nothing else defines and connects us more wholly.

Politics, economics and institutions of the so-called, “developed nations” are crumbling. While our systemic deterioration reveals our historical false narrative, native cultures, worldwide are re-asserting their sovereign roles as stewards and facilitators of our spiritual Earth relationships.

They are literally returning to the land, creating camps, not in protest, rather to re-birth a life where humans live in partnership and apprenticeship, governed by the natural laws.

Native languages are being resurrected, as the voice of the mother, linking the essence of sacred relationship and interdependence of all beings. Stories are being re-told, and the songs are being sung. Ancestors are in attendance through these prayers.

The Earth is our first home and our greatest ally. There is no greater truth to be taught than that of the forest, fields and streams, abundant wisdom patiently awaiting within each tree and spoken by each animal.

No, it doesn’t mean we all have to live in a tipi, yet, many are. It means that we shift our focus, priorities and allegiance by living in defense of the beating heart that sustains our lives.

The groundwork has been laid. We who are currently present, and those yet to be born, are blessed and tasked with the restoration of balance and harmony on planet Earth. Rooted in relationship, we are implored to pledge our allegiance and declare our spiritual patriotism beyond the political boundaries of any one nation.

Patricia Walsh-Collins is a 38-year resident of Bucks County, with a 23-year career as a professional educator. She is creator and owner of Art of Spirit and Art of Spirit’s Earth School.



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