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Haycock Community Center puts brewfest on hold

Committee needs time for adequate planning


The first “brewfest” at the new Haycock Township Community Center (HTCC) will have to wait a year or so to allow for adequate planning.

But a second flea market has been scheduled, as have two special events preceding it, including honoring a local hero.

During her HTCC Committee report at the July 5 public board of supervisors’ meeting, Dawn Kline said the next flea market would be held on 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 16, with food available.

Inquiries on renting tables may be made to Dave Long, via dlong@haycocktwp.com, or 215-536-3641x 402.

The March 18 event had been deemed a rousing success, with an estimated total of 300-400 attendees. At the next flea market, here will again be a gift basket raffle, and certified volunteers are welcome to help in the kitchen.

Kline also noted that Aug. 19 would be Johnny Rivers Day, in honor of the 100th birthday of the township’s decorated hero, who was lost at World War II’s battle at Guadalcanal. Aug. 27 is to be a meet-your-neighbor opportunity, from 2-4 p.m., with participants invited to bring a dessert or snack to share.

Additional fundraising activity includes the development of a memorial pathway to the social hall, with details on purchasing opportunities expected soon. The procedure for installing new windows, to seal up the building for the winter, has been established, and volunteers to help are invited to contact the township’s administrative assistant, Andrea Silvestri, at 215-536-3641x404, asilvestri@haycocktownship.com.

The school zone signs that had been in use for many years on Old Bethlehem Road and East Sawmill Road, to protect the former elementary school at the HTCC site, have been removed by the township and sold.

Also at the July 5 meeting, supervisors granted preliminary and final approval for a lot line change for the new single-family owner of the former 237-acre Freedom Valley Girl Scout property, off Richlandtown Road. Conditioned upon a variety of items being completed to the satisfaction of the township engineer, and having also been reviewed by the township planning commission, the change allows for a 14-acre parcel within the 137 acres that are in Haycock Township to include a house and barn that are already on the property.

In 2015, a sketch plan calling for subdivision of the property into 116 residential units and a variety of community buildings was withdrawn. Feedback from the community had convinced the prospective developer they had underestimated the costs for building on the rocky terrain and providing sewer service. At the time, township officials also noted there was local precedent for properties more than half that size, including one that also straddled two townships, that were owned and occupied by single families.



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