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Springfield supervisors ponder truck restrictions on two roads

Serpentine Lower Saucon one of the issues


Springfield is considering truck length restrictions on two of its roads.

Supervisors authorized a review of Lower Saucon and Township roads, and that review may soon be extended to other routes in the township.

Lower Saucon Road, a serpentine road that sometimes poses problems even for drivers, is well known for its wicked bend about a half-mile north of Springtown. Police Chief Michael McDonald told the June 26 meeting a number of trucks have jack-knifed on the bend and had to be towed back down to Route 212.

Supervisor James Nilsen expressed relief that something was finally being done to address the problem. “It’s a long time coming,” he said of the studies.

Pointing to the example of Grouse Lane, township Manager Mike Brown characterized some current truck restrictions on some roads as nonsensical, and said they would be subject to a review. “We don’t have a lot of evidence why they were put in,” he said.

In other business, by a 4-1 vote, the board approved the purchase of four memorial park benches at a cost of more than $3,000, though much of the expense could be defrayed by donations. Supervisor Robert Zisko was opposed; he said did not want taxpayer dollars used to fund the benches.

The township also formally established a seven-member Park and Land Preservation Board, which replaces the Park and Recreation and Open Space committees. The new body is tasked with recommending acquisition of conservation easements, preparing updates to the park and recreation and open space plans, and making budget recommendations, among other matters, according to the ordinance.

Supervisor Karen Bedics noted there was no mention of the goals of open space. Park and Recreation Committee member Frank Hollenbach agreed, suggesting the board set goals for open space as it had done with park and trails at its prior meeting.

But Supervisor Chairman Dave Long was having none of it.

“We have had this (Ordinance 190) three times before us. Now we’re going to do this?”

They didn’t. Supervisors voted 4-1 in favor of the ordinance as written, with Bedics opposed.


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