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Residents plan to confront Solebury supervisors on neighbor’s threats


Members of a frightened Solebury neighborhood plan to confront the township supervisors Tuesday about why nothing has been done for three years to prevent harassment along the PECO right-of way by a fellow-resident.

The resident, Nikolai Gasiorowski of Chapel Road, faces charges of false imprisonment, simple assault, disorderly conduct and harassment, all misdemeanors, stemming from an April 28 incident.

Residents are urging Assistant District Attorney William R. Murphy to reinstate a waived felony aggravated assault charge, which would have involved jail time. They have a 112-name petition calling for that reinstatement.

Gasiorowski, who has PECO permission to farm a small portion of the land on the PECO right-of-way, has pleaded not guilty in District Court and faces an October trial date.

The situation came to a head when Ilan Avizohar of New Hope and two friends were riding horses on the trail under the high tension wires that cross School Lane and Chapel Road, used by residents for some 50 years.

Avizohar, speaking at the School Lane home of his friends, Nancy and Keith Wolff last, week said Gasiorowski approached the group and threatened them for being on the path, pulled Avizohar from his horse knocking him unconscious and sat on him.

Meanwhile his companions were able to record the attack on their phones and called Solebury police. An ambulance was called and he was taken to the hospital.

“I now have three pieces of metal and four screws in may face,” four broken bones and damage to his teeth, he said.

He still has to go back to the hospital for more work and deal with some numbness in his face, said Avizohar, who used to help manage the now-defunct New Hope mule canal barge concession.

“The neighbors are frightened,” Keith Wolff said. “I have a pistol by the door right now and (ordinarily) I wouldn’t hurt a flea.”

PECO now says it plans to terminate Gasiorowski’s permission to farm under the power lines, he added.

John Merana, president of the Chapel Beautification Association, noted that Gasiorowski has posted “keep-out” signs, and installed illegal fencing and surveillance cameras on the trail.

Neighbors say the Avizohar case is just the latest in a string of harassments dating back to 2016 and many are prepared to testify in court.

Their list of incidents as told by residents includes:

• “I encountered NG on the path whilst walking with my 7-year-old daughter. He told me I couldn’t walk there and I replied that I could because it’s not his property. NG stepped right in front of me and said ‘you’ll never walk here again.’ He apologized to my daughter. I was so scared of NG at that point I called my husband to stay on the phone with me until I reached my house. I have also witnessed NG running/driving up and down the path entrance at Chapel Road yelling at whomever enters that part of the path even though it is not his property. (2016).

• He “chased one woman with a gun and yelled at her while she was on her horse. (2016).

• A woman was riding her horse on the PECO trail where she has ridden for many years. NG ran up behind her. She did not see him, but the horse did and reared up. “NG was carrying a gun and he threatened her.” (2017).

• NG took a photo of a Chapel Road resident’s dog from one of his cameras and mailed to the owner with the note that he would hate to have to shoot the dog if he saw it on his property again. (2017).

• NG put up signs on at the Chapel Road entrance to the PECO-owned area a couple yards from a resident’s house. The resident told him that was not his property. “He began screaming at her

‘I’ll see you in jail’... which he repeated five times in a crazy manic state.” She reported the incident to PECO Real Estate and its attorney. (10-21-17).

• NG ran up to PECO’s general counsel, John Halderman, who was parked at the Chapel Road entrance to the power lines, and told him he was not allowed to be there. (11-2017).


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