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Newtown eighth-graders honored for Holocaust education projects

From left are: Katie Pearcy, Erinn Demskis and Morgan McCaffery.

Two eighth-grade students from Newtown Middle School were recognized for their outstanding creative achievements in Holocaust education at an awards ceremony held at Moore College of Art and Design in Philadelphia on June 4.

With the guidance and encouragement of their English teacher, Erinn Demskis, the students submitted their Holocaust projects to the Mordechai Anielewicz Creative Arts Competition, which is sponsored by the Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia. For this competition, students in grades seven to 12 from across the Delaware Valley were given the opportunity to reflect upon and interpret the lessons of the Holocaust through creative writing, poetry, visual art, music, dance and multi-media.This year nearly 300 students participated in this competition, which is named after the young leader who led the Jewish uprising against the Nazi tyranny in the Warsaw ghetto.

Katie Pearcy was awarded first prize for her three-dimensional art titled “Remembrance.”

Morgan McCaffery was awarded second prize for her poetry submission titled “Reflections of Change.”

“Reflections of Change”
Morgan McCaffery

I am from concentration camps
From Bitterness of winter to the harshness of summer
I am from the taste of my salty tears
I am from the constant grumble of my stomach, which is never satisfied
I am from the cramped cattle carts where not everyone makes it out alive
I am from rebels and the depressed
From, “just hold on for a little longer: and “I can’t do this anymore”
I am from hard labor which is never rewarded
Under my bed, kept away
Is my Star of David
The only piece of me I still have left
I am from a place of constant fear, death and despair
Like a leaf in the winter
Day by day, I slowly shrivel up and die.


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