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Volunteers find opportunities via Facebook group

Spring has finally arrived, and local nonprofits have launched their warm-weather activities, from canal cleanups to summer education programs to 5K fundraisers.

Local volunteers, for their part, are eager to shake off the winter blues and find ways to give back to the community.

Yet connecting nonprofits that need help with volunteers willing to offer help has long been a challenge. Dozens of Bucks County nonprofits need support. Thousands of Bucks County residents would like to support them. The two groups just don’t always find each other.

However, that perennial problem has been solved thanks to a Facebook Group called Central Bucks Volunteer Opportunity Listing (CB-VOL). CB-VOL is a clearinghouse of date-specific and ongoing volunteer opportunities in Central Bucks County. CB-VOL resides online as a Facebook Group, a page where like-minded people can share a common interest – in this case, volunteering.

“There are other online volunteer listings, but they aren’t always updated, and they don’t typically focus on a specific location,” said Eric Schoeniger, a volunteer administrator of CB-VOL. “CB-VOL lists three-to-five new volunteer opportunities every week. And all those listings are for volunteer opportunities specifically in or around Central Bucks County.”

CB-VOL was launched in November 2016 by parishioners of St. Philip’s Episcopal Church in New Hope. Since then, CB-VOL has listed volunteer opportunities for more than 60 Bucks County nonprofits – from the Bucks County Housing Group to the Bucks County Audubon Society to Special Olympics Bucks County.

“What’s great about CB-VOL is that it lists one-day-only events for volunteers who can’t make a huge time commitment, as well as ongoing opportunities for volunteers looking to become deeply involved in a charitable activity,” Schoeniger said.

CB-VOL already has nearly 400 members and is growing quickly, Schoeniger said. “Any Facebook member can request to join the group to see volunteer listings,” he explained. “Nonprofits are also encouraged to join, so they can list volunteer opportunities as they arise.”

To join CB-VOL, Facebook users can go to facebook.com/groups/1150859908326573/ or search within Facebook for “CB-VOL.”


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