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Doylestown illustrator’s limited series newsprint comic due out


The cover of the first installment of the limited series Cyko KO newsprint color comic strip by Rob Feldman of Doylestown.

Rob Feldman has never gotten over his childhood obsession with cartoons and comic books.

“I’m a stalled adult. I still think like I’m 16,” said the 46-year-old Doylestown graphic artist and website designer who has parlayed his obsession into a new venture – a bi-monthly limited-series color newsprint comic strip.

Published by Alterna Comics, the first installment of his Cyko KO comic strip is due out July 25. He expects the second, which includes an evil clone, and third installments to be published in September and November, with the possibility of more next year, likely on the same schedule.

If Cyko KO sounds familiar, that’s because Alterna published Feldman’s “Cyko KO: A Comic Book Adventure You Can Color” last September.

The idea of printing a serialized color newsprint comic strip – “an old idea made new” – was Alterna’s, he said, adding he jumped at the opportunity. Color newsprint comics, costing $1.50 each, are currently outselling comic books, which sell for $3 to $4 each, Feldman said.

His Cyko KO #1, “Tangled up in Doom,” will be available for purchase at Phantasm Comics in New Hope, where Feldman expects to have a signing on or about July 25.

It also will be offered at newsstands, at Barnes and Noble, through alternacomics.com, and on his website, CykoKO.com. “And I’ll sign it for people, if they want,” he said, referring to orders from his website. In addition, Feldman said, customers can ask stores or newsstands to order it for them.

The comic strip “features an all-ages character in the vein of Hanna Barbera and Venture Bros. who is a rebellious stunt motorcyclist sent to SuperEarth 28 million light years away to protect the colonies from crazy monsters and a gaggle of odd characters,” according to Feldman.

“The vibe of these things (is) very Hanna Barbera, very 70s Saturday morning cartoon,” he said. “People instantly get it.”

In addition to his work on the comic strip, the married father of two sons has been working to adapt one of his comics into live-action TV, as well as working with an animation company on a seven-minute animated pilot for his Cyko KO cartoon, recording voice-overs in a basement studio beneath Pennsylvania Soup and Seafood House in Doylestown.

Feldman has a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Rutgers University and a degree in graphic design from Brookdale, a community college in New Jersey, where he grew up. His graphic design and website clients includes entertainment companies, in both New York and Los Angeles, as well as local clients.

It was as a youngster in New Jersey that Feldman found two books in a Waldenbooks store – both of which he still owns. The first was “How to Draw Comics the Marvel Way,” and he said, “It completely changed my life.” The second was “The Mighty Marvel Superheros Cookbook.”

“I’ve always been sketching away and trying to get better, Feldman said.

“I love to draw, (but) I’m not a perfectionist. The whole package to me is really the magic, seeing that final thing in print and getting the reaction from people.”



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