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Seed Phytonutrients

Personal care line takes root in Doylestown


Founder Shane Wolf, center, with hat, poses for a photograph with his team at Seed Phytonutrients, based in Doylestown.

Shane Wolf didn’t quit his day – and night – job to steer Seed Phytonutrients, a personal care brand headquartered in Doylestown.

Backed by industry giant L’Oréal, Seed launched this past Earth Day, April 22, giving Wolf yet another responsibility, one he’s passionate about.

“I really am a crazy person,” Wolf said with a laugh. “I actually run three big brands for L’Oréal and now run this team, as well.”

Wolf, who lives on a farm in Kintnersville, where he rescues animals, among other things, has been on L’Oréal’s executive team for more than 14 years. His employment necessitated a move to the United Kingdom for a few years.

When he finally returned home, Wolf, who was determined to put his work life and his personal life “into some sort of balance,” began to lay the groundwork for Seed.

“I had this idea for a very long time to launch a very natural hair, skin and body brand with a strong point of view on environmental sustainability,” Wolf said.

“I really felt I needed to do something to give back to the world, but I also love business,” he continued. “I wasn’t imagining a nonprofit. I was imagining a business that brought value to everyone in the food chain.”

Seed was planted last year. The whole basis of Seed is, well, seeds.

“Obviously,” Wolf said, “that’s going to be the most potent part of the plant.

“We were able to find seeds that are very rich in antioxidants, Vitamins C and E, a lot of ingredients that are very typically used in beauty products but very often made synthetically, which just kind of doesn’t make any sense,” Wolf added, “when you can press the seeds – so that started the fascination.”

Troubled with the knowledge that upward of 93 to 94 percent of seed varieties have been lost to over-commercialization, among other things, in the past century, Wolf made it part of his mission to include like-minded individuals in Seed.

“We invite local, independent, organic farmers who are interested in potentially working with us to grow our seeds to get in contact,” Wolf said. “We’re really determined to do all we can to support that community.”

Seed’s “hero” ingredients are sunflower seeds and camelina seeds.

Wolf is proud Seed is green. Harvesting seeds is one of the first steps; one of the final steps is packaging for Seed’s 16 offerings, spanning its hair, face and body collections. Seed’s paper bottles use 60 percent less plastic than the average bottle, the business proudly boasts. They’re made of 100 percent post-consumer recycled (PCR) paper with a PCR liner and treated so they’re safe to take in the shower.

“We previewed the brand at the (Doylestown) Arts Festival last year,” Wolf said. “We have people stopping in the office at 72 N. Main St. all of the time.”

Seed products can also be purchased at seedphytonutrients.com and through select retailers. Rituals by Dona French in Doylestown, among others, carries Seed merchandise. Seed, Wolf said, is talking to other local retailers, as well.

Wolf gave credit to L’Oréal for its support of his brainchild.

“It’s amazing to see these people from such a giant company immediately get the connection and come back down to something that brings value to the world,” Wolf said. “I wasn’t sure that [Seed] was going to resonate the way that it has. I’m really pleased that it has.”

Wolf’s schedule was already jam-packed. Seed’s arrival will do nothing to ensure that Wolf gets more sleep. He sleeps when he can. He’s used to it.

“I don’t waste time,” said Wolf, driving through the streets of Doylestown on a recent Monday morning. “I don’t watch television. You’ll never just see me idle without being engaged somehow.

“I don’t even know how to work the remote on my television,” he chuckled.



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