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New Hope moves forward on sharing with Solebury

Borough contributions overlooked


Councilman Peter Meyer addressed concerns over shared services with Solebury Township at the recent borough council meeting.

He cited a letter to the editor in the May 17 issue of the Herald in which New Hope Council was berated for ignoring the needs of children from both communities.

Meyer proposed a letter, which he read at the meeting. He said that Solebury Township has failed to contribute to New Hope Police services to the school district. Between 2012 and 2018, he said, Solebury contributed nothing to the joint community volunteer firefighters’ workers compensation fund, and he said that New Hope also pays more per tax parcel for shared advanced life support services.

Councilman Dan Dougherty recommended softening the letter a bit to allow for unknown variables that could explain the discrepancies.

Councilman Ken Maisel asked the council when members would stop trying to litigate the matter through the newspapers. Meyer responded that he is unaware that Solebury has admitted to any shared services other than the playing fields.

Resident and former councilwoman Geri Delevich stated her support for Maisel’s approach.

“Why not sit down and talk with them? We have a great case,” she stated, adding that the 1-square-mile borough is home to the nontaxable entities of the school district, fire department, library, Catholic Church and synagogue. She favored sitting down with Solebury and engaging them directly.

Meyer, however, stated his contention that the case needed to be made with the papers and placed squarely in the court of public opinion to pave the way for the sit down meeting “that I very much want to have.”

Maisel responded suggested that winning the press is best done with dialog and “being the adult in the room.” Council President Alison Kingsley suggested putting the matter on the agenda for further discussion at the next township workshop.


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