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Theater review:

“An Act of God” at Bucks Playhouse is time well-spent


God is appearing on the stage of Bucks County Playhouse through June 16.

He is there with his archangels, Michael and Gabriel. Gabriel plays piano and comments to God. He is God’s sidekick. Michael is a kind of comedy foil. She wanders into the audience and appears to interview people.

God wears a white suit, light blue shirt and attractive tie. He’s very self-confident as he explains his job, especially his commandments, which are displayed on the wall behind him.

He talks about the big flood and the ark and that it was really not the way we think it was.

He talks a lot about Abraham, how special he was and what a good guy he was and about how much Abraham loved God that he was willing to sacrifice his son, “Isaac.” God saw the tears in Abraham’s eyes and stopped the sacrifice.

He talks about his relationship with his son, Jesus, how different it was from what we know, and he emphasizes how much we don’t know.

There are many very funny lines, and God does some clever ad-libbing. (Don’t come into the theater late: God will point you out.)

Harry Bouvy, the actor who plays God, speaks almost nonstop for almost 90 minutes. That’s one heck of a lot of memorization. God’s comments are interrupted by Gabriel playing piano and adding some amusing side comments.

I kept wondering as I was watching, whose cup of tea is this play? Why did the playwright write it? Who did he see as its target audience?

Bouvy is a very, very good God character. Joe Kinosian (Gabriel and music arranger) is excellent. Ashley D. Kelley, as Michael, is sweet and very afraid of God. She wants to please and fears his anger.

The play is directed by Tracy Brigden. The book is by David Javerbaum, winner of 13 Emmys.
It was an easy set to build but requires some interesting lighting and special-effects. All in all, “An Act of God” is an interesting evening of entertainment.

In her Washington, D.C., review, critic Jill Kyle-Keith said, “It’s by no means a terrible evening out ... It is worth seeing, even if what you might have been expecting isn’t exactly what you get.”

This writer agrees.



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