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Gerry Monigan: New Hope Notebook

Cozmo strikes again, sets another record

Robert "Cozmo" Consulmagno, who calls New Hope his “spiritual home,” believed he had set a world record last December when he cranked out 524 standing ab-wheel rollouts in an hour. He submitted proof of his feat to the Guinness Book of Records, fully expecting his record to be recognized.

Instead, Cozmo said, Guinness officials told him one of the three cameras used to document his exploit was improperly positioned, and his record was denied.

So he did what any relentless crusader would do: He went out and broke his own record. On June 10, the site was the Newtown Athletic Club (NAC), and he performed 539 repetitions in an hour.

This time, he doesn't care if Guinness recognizes his accomplishment or not.

Consulmagno, a retired Marine, has long been an advocate for veterans with mental disorders. He battles bipolar disease and post traumatic stress disorder, and he “uses his manic energy to inspire the world,” according to his Facebook page. “Cozmo is on a mission to end the stigma associated with mental health [disorders] and to leave a legacy behind.”

While setting the record, Cozmo was pushed (verbally, that is) by Matt Bellina, a Navy aviator who retired after he was diagnosed with Arterial Lateral Sclerosis (also known as Lou Gehrig's disease) in 2014.

“His disability is physical, and mine is mental,” Cozmo said. “I did it in his honor.”

Bellina's group, Matt's Mission for ALS, and the NAC's Have a Heart Foundation has raised nearly half a million dollars for ALS Research.

Changes of plans

Two long-anticipated business projects have taken abrupt turns. Coryell's Cafe at 142 South Main St. is dead in the water, and 49 West Ferry St., the former Tastebuds restaurant, now will become an Italian restaurant instead of the New Hope Feed Store.

Earnest Torres, who designed and oversaw construction of Coryell's Cafe in the former Christmas Past store, was ready to open and manage the cafe.

“It was my concept and my hard work, so it was an extreme disappointment to me,” Torres said of the decision by owners Teddy and Eva Short not to go forward with the business. “It took me a long while to recover from that. But I'm up and running again, and we'll see where life takes me.”

Torres said the Shorts offered for him to open the business with his own capital, but he said he could not pull it off.

“It's turnkey ready to open and start working,” he said. “As a manager, I would have done the best I could, but to carry it myself, I'm not in that position. I wish I were.”

On Ferry Street, meanwhile, building owner Mark Higgins said he spent a frustrating year renovating and updating the 200-year-old building and its mechanicals to meet borough codes.

Geoff Molt, owner of the Ambler Feed Store and Higgins' prospective tenant, said the delays prompted him to pull out.

The new tenant could not be reached in time for this edition.

Higgins, meanwhile, said he and Nancy Martel plan to rent additional space for Mr. Lucky's Antiques, their business at 30 West Bridge Street, across the street in the lower level of the New Hope Arts building on the corner of Stockton and Bridge Streets.



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