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Palisades honors “heroes” for helping bus driver

Budget projection whittled down before final adoption


Heroes who insisted they weren’t heroes were honored at the May 3 Palisades School District public board meeting for their timely assistance with the Jan. 27 medical emergency experienced by one of the district’s school bus drivers.

The group, which included district staff, the Ottsville Volunteer Fire Company, and driver Janet Lapsley’s fellow drivers, was credited with reviving the stricken Lapsley after driver Bob Fay noticed she was unable to board students for their ride home.

Her weeks-long recovery was deemed impossible without their help on that Friday afternoon.

Also at the May 3 meeting, directors approved continuing the exemption from real property millage increases for those properties subject to an easement under the Agricultural Area Security Law. Beginning a few years ago, the renewal of the exemption for those dedicated properties in the district was made an annual affair, instead of the previous multi-year adoptions. Since then, while the procedural change disturbed many farmers, there has not been any indication of consideration of discontinuing the exemption.

Regarding progress with the 2017-2018 district budget, Business Administrator Drew Bishop reported that the deficit had been whittled down to the need for a 2 percent tax increase, or 7.44 mills, which would translate to a median annual tax increase of $76.92 per household. Board Vice President Bob Musantry said there was “a good chance to get the 2 percent down to 1 percent.”

The final budget is to be presented for approval at the June 7 public board meeting. Bishop was appointed to a new five-year term, effective July 1.



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