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Bucks residents invited to help digitize local history

Bucks County residents are invited to join a statewide initiative to digitize local history by sharing their historical photographs and documents of pre-1930s life in Bucks County.

Scan Bucks County Day will take place from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday, May 27, at the Doylestown District Center Library.

Members of the public who have old photographs, negatives, slides, letters or records that document life in Bucks County from the 1920s or earlier, are invited to bring them to the library.

"We’ll show them how to digitize them, at no cost, using equipment in the library,” said Christina Snyder, district consultant.

Digitizing documents and photos preserves them in the event of loss or damage to the originals. Those who wish to have a copy of their digitized files should bring a flash drive/storage device to the library.

All digitized files will be cataloged and added to the Pennsylvania Power Library website. Eventually, the state collection will become part of a national database available to anyone.

Because the digitized files will become part of a state and national collection, users will be required to complete a form giving the copyright owner’s permission to archive the files.

Visit buckslib.org/digitize-local-history-scan-bucks-county-day.



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