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Patricia Walsh-Collins: Shared Teachings

You always take me back

My dear friend and I entered your sacred forest. This sanctuary, co-created by trees, water, rocks, and children, under watchful avian eyes, is a woodland prayer. It possesses a tender energy similar to that of a mother’s loving embrace. Sensing the soft delight of the forest mother, as she welcomes her children’s return to the land, we too, felt welcomed.

Red-tailed hawk’s feathers are testimony to a prior anointing of this forest labyrinth. On this day, Great Horned Owl bestowed a gift, sanctioning our collusion. Our future work together on behalf of the children had been blessed.

My indigenous friend from the rainforest implanted the idea in my heart of “The Life” loving us. And indeed, you do. You, a spectacular, infinite, living force, knowing no time or space, pulse with the vital, life-giving energy of the universe. You love and bless us daily.

I recognize the gifts you divinely place in my path. Some will sit with me, some impart their teachings through an intentional fly-by, while others arrive through dreams and visions. You are omnipresent, and it is my responsibility to welcome your teachings.

Many times I deftly perceive the precise moment, and the precise direction to cast my eyes as you dispatch a messenger. In the past I deemed it coincidence, until I grasped the fact and gift of telepathic communication within “The Life.”

Foolishly, we humans separated ourselves from this collective consciousness, our extended family, who continually reach for us, for a flicker of recognition. We share spiritual DNA, given that we originate from the same source. Our cells remember our original relationship.

The subtle elegance with which I experience you remains a miraculous unfolding. Feathers, sightings, internal whispers of knowledge and guidance, conveying your precious wisdom, beckoning me to know my higher self, leave me awestruck, humbled and deeply grateful.

As we settle in to receive and listen, you emerge from the silence carrying your guidance, wisdom and solace. We were made for this. We were created in union with all species. We each are attributes of “The Life,” tentacles of the universal life force. We know each other.

No matter how distracted or negligent I become, regardless of how much time passes, how distant I am, you patiently wait for me. Even as you struggle with your own well-being, when I am ready, you unconditionally receive me, teach me and heal me.

And amazingly, like every devoted mother who serves as an umbilical cord to the Divine, no matter what ... you always take me back!

You always take me back.

Patricia Walsh-Collins is a 39-year resident of Bucks County, with a 24-year career as a professional educator. She is creator and owner of Art of Spirit and Art of Spirit’s Earth School.



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