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Town & Country’s “Bonnie and Clyde” is creative, well-acted


Kim Whitehill as Bonnie, who was 19, and Brad DeLeone as Clyde, who was 23, when they met and became infamous, traveling the country, robbing banks and stores, and eluding police.

Susan Galli has directed her first musical for Town & Country Players,’ the opening show of its 71st season – “Bonnie and Clyde,” a fascinating and exceptionally creative production.

The leading actors – Brad DeLeone as Clyde Barrow and Kim Whitehill as Bonnie Parker – are outstanding. Their acting is skilled; their voices are perfect.

Second leads are Tristan Takacs as Clyde’s brother, “Buck” Barrow. Tall and handsome, no one wants him to continue keeping company with his brother, including his wife, Blanche, played by Caitlin Davies who is a charming and persuasive actress.

She loves Buck completely as she persuades him to pay his dues and leave a life of crime singing, “You’re Goin’ Back to Jail.” All four of these leads sing and act exceedingly well.

There are 16 fine actors, some of whom are children. Braydon Wilson portrays young Clyde, and young Bonnie is portrayed by Abigail Heine.

Since Bonnie and Clyde were notorious and ran from police throughout the country, there are a large number of scenes in various locations, therefore many scene changes, all of which go smoothly helped by a busy backstage team.

With Galli’s inspiration and creativity and Dave Sharper’s outstanding execution, we are treated to imaginative sets – a replica of the front of a period car, an old gas pump, a quickly assembled jail on a mid-stage riser also used for many other scenes, a beauty parlor, a courthouse. There are 29 scene changes.

Very experienced Victoria Schultheis produced this musical. Anne Schmitt, a terrific stage manager, keeps all the scenes moving. Ashley DiStefano DeAntonio and Hay Schmalbach share choreography responsibilities. Costume designer is Petrina Price, while Kim O’Byrne-Rozman handles props.

Matthew Schultheis performed lighting design, Val Sharper acts as lighting technician and Dana Joy Carducci is sound technician. Scott Monsees heads the lighting crew.

Seven talented and respected musicians in the loft play very well under the direction of Lee F. Milhous. Their music is as it should be – perfect.

“Bonnie and Clyde” plays on weekends through April 21. Purchase tickets online at townandcountryplayers.org. Performances for the three-hour show begin at 8 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays and 2 p.m. on Sundays.




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