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Richland Township will notify quarry of potential road impact


Adding an official government notice to a growing chorus of local concerns about the proposed reopening of a long-dormant local quarry, Richland Township will be formally expressing concern to the quarry owner about the potential impact of quarry operations on one if its roads.

Acting at their April 9 public meeting, the board of supervisors authorized Township Manager Paul Stepanoff to see to notifying Rockhill Quarry of concern about the potential impact of heavy truck use of Rock Hill Road, which has been proposed as a means for haul routes to get to and from Routes 309 and 313.

The board also authorized its traffic engineer, Gilmore & Associates, to take core samples of the road in order to determine the specific nature of the roadway’s underpinning. During discussion, Gilmore’s Amy Kaminski noted the present condition of the road as very good, with its present use apparently limited to residents, while other officials noted the presence of low shoulders and “S” turns. Kaminski added that about 3,500 feet of the thoroughfare is the township’s, with the rest belonging to the state.

Earlier in the meeting, the board also authorized its solicitor to investigate what might be done via a new local ordinance to counter recent changes in the state fireworks law that would allow previously banned items to be sold. For example, portable tents the community is used to seeing set up for the sale of sparklers could now be used also to sell three-inch mortars.

In a preliminary comment, noting he had not yet investigated the matter, Solicitor Linc Treadwell said he doubted the sales of concern could be prohibited altogether, but they might be limited as to where they could be conducted.

Responding to an initiative from Supervisor Rick Orloff, the board declined to offer support for a state bill that would expand the powers of the state to audit local water authority operations. Orloff has long campaigned for expanded oversight of the Richland Township Water Authority.

Presently, the township’s oversight is limited to appointing authority board members. In such an action at the April 9 meeting, the application of Brian Foster to serve on that board was approved.

The next multi-hour, special prescription drug take-back program by the Richland Township Police Dept., supplementing the ongoing drop box at the California Road headquarters, will be Apr. 28.



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