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Patricia Walsh-Collins: Shared Teachings


With the alabaster gleam of the Taj Mahal as my backdrop, I was lost in a sea of saris, an explosion of brilliant color and motion. This image encapsulates the glorious, wide-eyed awe, of my first trip to India.

Second time around, my heart was ripped from my chest as I closed my eyes to a woman begging, baby slumped in her arms, hands scraping down my car window, and having to teach my young companions to do the same. This was also India, showing her underbelly to me.

The sensory overload of jaw-dropping beauty alongside the crushing despair is a paradox I have yet to reconcile.

Yet, here it is again. Roused by recent tragedy, this conundrum of contradiction returns. I shed tears for the unbearable fact of necessity that our children must demand that they, themselves, stop being killed. At the same time, my tears bear witness to the blessed beauty taking form by their doing so.

Each soul carries a signature or blueprint. Some may call this destiny or Divine purpose. These young souls, imprinted and aligning with their signature, are bravely stepping into a fuller expression of their being, by defending their lives. Their voice plays an integral role in our transition from one age to another, declaring not only their right to live, but their willingness to ensure life for those to follow.

This movement has traction because of the demographic, but we must also recognize the many children of color who have stood and cried out for decades. We are witnessing another swing of the pendulum between old and new ages of human existence. The young are claiming their power, by aligning with their soul signatures.

I have spoken with high school students in search of a wide-angled conversation about the significance of this moment, looking for context. They recognize the truth, yet timidly seek permission to step into their own soul’s purpose.

My indigenous Kichwa friends in the rainforest of Ecuador refer to themselves, as “Runa.” This Kichwa word carries several meanings. The one that speaks to me, is that of “a fully realized human being.” What does it mean to be fully realized? I believe the answer is to live into every gift, trait, and desire that one feels in the quiet of one’s heart, to feel into, and align with one’s blueprint.

Please, permission granted young ones, to step fully into who you know yourselves to be, to become fully realized as the change-makers that you are. Permission granted and gratitude shown for you to become “Runa.”

Patricia Walsh-Collins is a 38-year resident of Bucks County, with a 24-year career as a professional educator. She is creator and owner of Art of Spirit and Art of Spirit’s Earth School.



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