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Yardley Impressionist painter shows at Silverman Gallery

“Lambertville Moonlight IV” is an oil on canvas by Jean Childs Buzgo, whose newest collection is on view at the Silverman Gallery, beginning March 10.

Bucks County Impressionist artist Jean Childs Buzgo presents a collection of her newest paintings, beginning March 10 and continuing through April 15, at the Silverman Gallery.

The gallery is located in Buckingham Green, at 4920 York Road (on Route 202 just south of Peddler’s Village).

Join the artist for her opening receptions from 5 to 8 p.m. Saturday, March 10 and again from 1 to 4 p.m. Sunday, March 11.

Buzgo has garnered a loyal following of fans that keep an eye out for her new work on social media, on the Silverman Gallery website and in person, with many paintings selling within a few days of being completed.

“Garden Bouquet” and “Lambertville Footbridge II” are just two examples of her “deftness with color and light,” according to the gallery. The night sky in “Lambertville Moonlight IV” is “awash in deep blues,” in contrast to the “charming” village below. The exhibition also will feature new works that have a more abstract flair, such as “Floral Embrace.”

Join the Silverman Gallery in celebrating Buzgo’s new body of work. Also on exhibit will be a sampling of work from the gallery’s other fine artists. The gallery continues to represent the work of local favorites Joseph Barrett, Jennifer Hansen Rolli, David Stier, Jim Rodgers, Anita Shrager, Glenn Harrington, Desmond McRory, Jonathan Mandell and guest artist, Evan Harrington.

Call 215-794-4300 for information. An online listing of Buzgo’s work can be found on the Silverman Gallery website.



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