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Imaginative kids get their thrills with Legos

They show their work at Sellersville Museum


Peter Ryker of Springfield had fun sharing some of his Lego builds, like the ones seen here, with other kids attending the Lego exhibition.

Three creative kids from Upper Bucks County were the brains behind a Lego exhibit that drew hundreds of people to the Sellersville Museum March 11 and 12.

Peter Ryker of Springfield and Sellersville’s Nico LoStracco and Peyton Worthington showcased elaborate Lego creations they’ve built, delighting the scores of families that attended the exhibition.

As part of the good times, children in attendance participated in a scavenger hunt and got to play with Legos.

While the event was free, donations were encouraged – something that helps fund the museum. Other traditional exhibits were open too, meaning visitors got to learn more about what is on offer – a boon for the museum, said Heather Davis.

“An event like this brings a lot of people into the museum and gives them a great experience,” said Davis, one of the dedicated volunteers who help operate Sellersville Museum.

Shortly after midday Saturday, the exhibition teemed with people. So packed was it that even standing space was at a premium as excited children inspected the Lego sets and interacted with the young creators.

Perkasie resident Shane Ledyard and his children Kevin and Kaydy were among the attendees enjoying themselves Saturday.
“The kids get to have a positive experience with the museum,” said Ledyard, “and the exhibition is terrific.”

That it was so was down to the hard work of Nico, Peyton and Peter.

A ninth grader at Pennridge, Nico’s Lego installation included pieces he had customized, such as a “Star Wars” spaceship to which he added a motor and a table-encompassing display that depicted an epic “Star Wars” battle.

Nico enjoys the creativity that goes into his builds, but that’s not all.

“I like seeing the little kids get excited when they see what I’ve built,” he said.

Peter expressed similar sentiments. “It’s great getting to share this,” he said.

The youngest of the exhibitors at 7 years old, Peyton, filled tables in the center of the space, and included everything from Batman vehicles to running trains and more. His dad, Brian, said Peyton constructs the Legos himself. If the swarms of kids checking out his creations were any indication, Peyton is doing an awesome job.

“Building,” he said, “is a lot of fun.”

Head to www.sellersvillemuseum.org to learn more about upcoming exhibits.



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