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Plumstead Christian students engage in week of STEM events

Plumstead Christian students build a bridge at one of the STEM stations organized by fourth- and fifth-grade students.

February 21 to 24 was STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) week at Plumstead Christian Lower School.

Students kicked off the week with a Franklin Institute assembly called “How to Build a Storm: The Weather Show” in which they learned about air pressure, thermodynamics, and forces that impact weather.

Throughout the week, each class completed a Winter Mystery Box STEM Challenge using only the materials in their box.

They had four days to work together through the engineering design process to create something related to winter with at least one dimension of their creation having to be greater than the height of the tallest person in the class.

The completed projects included a snowman tubing, a ski lift, a snow castle, a Yeti, and a snow plow.

Fourth- and fifth-grade gifted students organized and led a K-5 STEM day where each class had an opportunity to rotate through a variety of STEM stations.

At each station, students learned about a different field of engineering through demonstrations and by participating in challenges.
These included helping to clean up oil spills and building bridges. They also designed their own cardboard tube cars, learned how to make electrical circuits, and chose tools to mine for items in different types of materials.

The week culminated with Family STEM Night. Families were invited to experience class creations, participate in a variety of winter STEM challenges, and see a Planetarium.



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