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Focusing on video

Production facility finds home in Langhorne


Jamie Muffett hasn’t been in business at 2310 Big Oak Road, Langhorne, for long. His production facility, Albion, opened this week to help small businesses develop video content, among other things.

Jamie Muffett has a soft spot for small businesses.

And his Bucks County production facility, Albion, which opened this week at 2310 Big Oak Road, Langhorne, was developed, he said, to help support them.

“I’m interested primarily in people and their individual stories,” Muffett said.

“People who start a small business all have interesting stories to tell because it’s not an easy path to follow.”

Muffett plans to use video to help tell his clients’ stories.

“I’ve been making videos for the past few years, something that sort of started as a bit of a passion project for me,” he said.

A full-time voice actor for eight years and an audio engineer for 15, Muffett comes to Bucks County via New York City and the United Kingdom. In a way, he said, Bucks reminds him of his homeland, with its country feel and natural beauty, which is something he and his wife missed in the hustle and bustle of the big city.

Muffett’s voice resonates in both Europe and North America. He’s narrated documentaries for National Geographic, the Smithsonian Channel and Channel 4 in the U.K., among others. In addition, he’s voiced many national TV commercials in both the U.S. and the U.K. and across the world.

“I trained at Stella Adler School of Acting in New York and have been mentored by Hugh Klitzke (casting director and producer of more than 115,000 projects), Harry Dunn (CW network) and Andrea Toyias (Blizzard games),” Muffett said.

“My first film project, ‘Journey,’ won the PBS Reel 13 competition. Among other productions, I shot a profile for New York recording studio Lotas Productions and a music video for Kate Vargas’ ‘Second Skin.’ ”

At Albion, Muffett said he’s ready to dive headfirst into content marketing using video, which has seen enormous growth recently. Muffett said small businesses can take advantage of the media in the same way that large and medium-sized businesses have for many years.

“With the way things are going and with the technology available these days, it’s certainly possible for small businesses to sort of hop on that as well and connect with their market,” he said.

Muffett said he intends to remain local, though he’s not averse to pursuing a story nationally if it makes sense and is feasible.

“I’m trying to keep the costs down so small businesses can afford to do these things and afford to do them with the quality that I’m intending to do them at,” he said.

Muffett said his videos tend to have that documentary feel.

“I’m basically making videos for small businesses, individuals that show off what they do,” he said. “They’re not your standard corporate video or TV ad.

“It’s very personal. These videos are obviously to promote the company and to promote the individuals, but they’re also meant to be entertaining and interesting for people. This is where people find they get the most success from their marketing approaches is when people actually want to connect with them and they want to watch their videos and they want to reach out and they feel like they’ve learned about the people.”

Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, Google, Samsung, Yahoo! and American Express, among many others, have all at one time worked with the filmmaker. He’s hoping to add to that list with the business he drums up in Langhorne. Small businesses can visit albionfilmsus.com.

“[Small businesses] always have something interesting and unique to offer,” Muffett reiterated.

“My main focus is to tell people’s stories and help them that way.”




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