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Sculptor brings new life to old word in “Concatenations” exhibit

“Bedizen” is by sculptor Wendy W. Gordon.

Sculptor Wendy W. Gordon of Lambertville, N.J., is featured in the early spring exhibit, “Concatenations,” at Sidetracks Art Gallery from March 18 through April 30.

Co-owners Ricky Godinez and Paul Murphy will host an artist reception at the New Hope gallery 5 to 8 p.m. on Saturday March 18.

“Concatenation” is an old word – Middle English from Latin for “chains coupled together” – made new again in such diverse fields as string theory, computer programming, and data processing and analysis. Gordon brings this dusty word to life in her one-woman show of her opaque and fluid art.

Gordon’s sculptures consist of repeated organic forms, each element subtly unique, yet joined together to make new and cohesive wholes. As she states, her art studies the underlying structures of objects in nature, exploring both the similarities and differences among them.

Gordon’s works both large and small are made luminous through resin, cast rubber and paper, and are strengthened by wood, bronze and steel in varied supporting roles. A separate category of her work on exhibit is even more delicate, formed from silver-soldered brass wire.

Her latest 2016 creations on view are more literal concatenations, formed from hand-made chain mail, in both galvanized steel and aluminum.

Sidetracks Art Gallery is at 10 Stockton Ave. For information, call 215-862-4586.



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