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Central Bucks board fetes principal, discusses books


Retiring Principal Susan Klimpl was recognized at the Feb. 28 Central Bucks School Board meeting for her dedication and excellence serving the Central Bucks School District for 22 years as principal, assistant principal, student support counselor and teacher.

Two weeks earlier, a standing-room-only crowd of more than 100 gathered to express its concern for comments made by board members disputing that climate change is "primarily man-made."

Some, in public statements during board meetings, questioned the science behind climate change as they reviewed textbooks submitted for approval.

Specifically, board member Glenn Schloeffel said climate change should not be taught "as fact" and that the district should "bring up all sides" when teaching about the issue.

"It's being taught as fact. If they're going to bring up the topic of global warming, I want all sides of the issue to be brought up, not just one," Schloeffel said.

The books, "Biology," a textbook by Kenneth Miller and Joseph Levine for 10th-graders, and "Image Grammar Activity Book," by Harry Noden for ninth-grade honors English students, were supported by the board (member Sharon Collopy voted against) and will become part of the curriculum.

School board member Paul Faulkner was absent from the meeting.

In other news, the Central Bucks South campus has an extra pop of color after students and a local artist completed a mural with a message that also represents the school.

The mural was part of the superintendent's report on Feb. 14.

The mural, on the outside of the cafeteria, features scenes of students doing various activities, from reading to graduating.

The mural was a collaborative effort by hundreds of CB South students and teachers. Students worked on the mural for about two years under the leadership of teachers Patrick Balkit and Stuart Kesilman. Input was also gathered from the City of Philadelphia Mural Arts program.

The final design is based on the “School of Athens” by Raphael and incorporates elements of every club, sport and activity that the school offers, according to information from the district. The production process included help not just from teachers and students but also from parents and administrators.

Local education organization CB Cares contributed a grant to help with the funding of the mural project.



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