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Perkasie puts repair decision on hold


Perkasie Borough Council opted to table a decision about who would pay for driveway “apron” repairs included in this year’s road work until more information is available.

At a regular business meeting Feb. 5, council voted 8-0 to table a decision about whether they’d require property owners to pony up the funds, or find a way for the borough to foot the costs. Councilman Aaron Clark did not attend the meeting.

A driveway “apron” is typically referred to as that portion of the concrete that starts at the curb, and may flare or be tapered. Perkasie will be completing road and curbing repairs to a portion of the downtown area in 2018.

“We don’t know yet how many homeowners are affected,” said Borough Manager Andrea Coaxum.

Coaxum said last year’s driveway repairs amounted to less than $10,000 and impacted two property owners. The costs were absorbed into the budget for the roadwork.

Depending on the number of driveways and curbing repairs, this year’s costs could be much higher.
“It will be very difficult to have the homeowner pay for this,” said Councilman Steve Rose.

Council Vice President Jim Purcell said significant recent work completed in the downtown, often referred to as Olde Towne, should be the borough’s responsibility, not property owners.

“If there is a problem in the town center it should be a borough problem because of everything that was [recently] done there,” Purcell said.

Purcell also said he was concerned about setting precedent with respect to the work and who would pay the tab.

In other news:

Perkasie Police Chief Stephen Hillias requested an ordinance prohibiting “auto repairs” on borough streets and municipal parking lots.

“Currently we allow someone to do minor repairs or adjustments to facilitate removed of a vehicle” from borough owned property, Hillias said. That could mean fixing a flat tire, or having a car towed.

Currently the borough has no ordinance in place to prohibit someone “dropping a transmission” or doing body work on municipal property, which is the issue Hillias is eager to address.

Last year, Perkasie reviewed and changed its decades old parking ordinance, which regulates parking times, locations and fines within the downtown business and adjacent residential districts. The revised ordinance did not address fixing cars on borough property.

Council voted 8-0 to request its solicitor to draft an ordinance regarding vehicle repairs conducted on borough owned lots, or public streets.



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