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Looking ahead to spring

Scott Baldelli readies for Philadelphia garden show


Chalfont’s Scott Baldelli is bringing his Scott Baldelli Gardening & Design to this weekend’s Philly Home + Garden Show in Oaks for the first time. “I hope people, like me, are ready for spring to start,” Baldelli said. “I hope we can get through this last bit of winter and start the season off strong.”

Scott Baldelli and his wife, Courtney, are quite the team.

Courtney Baldelli handles a lot of the social media and blogs for her husband’s business, Scott Baldelli Gardening & Design.

Turns out, the staff of the Philly Home + Garden Show stumbled upon the Baldellis’ online presence, liked what they saw and invited Scott Baldelli Gardening & Design to Oaks this weekend.

“I hope people come to the show and are excited, maybe bring some questions and bring their love of plants,” Scott Baldelli said by phone last Thursday afternoon. “I hope people, like me, are ready for spring to start. I hope we can get through this last bit of winter and start the season off strong.”

Baldelli will have a display at the Philly Home + Garden Show, which runs this Friday through Sunday at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center at Oaks, 100 Station Ave. Visit phillyhomeandgarden.com.

“It’s a combination of traditional perennial plants and shrubs with a vegetable garden, kind of blending the two together,” Baldelli said of the foodscaping display that he intends to unveil at the garden show.

“And we’re going to have a little potting bench to show people how to start seeds on their own,” Baldelli continued. “We’re going to have a small greenhouse, a little hydroponic display – I’m going to try and make it feel like your backyard.”

This will be the Chalfont-based Baldelli’s first time participating in the annual show, which typically draws huge crowds for its three-day run.

Scott Baldelli Gardening & Design was launched in 2016.

“Obviously for this show, we’ve been full steam ahead, building raised beds for the displays and all this winter,” Baldelli said. “The community has been amazing and we’ve been very fortunate to get a lot of interest. We do everything by the book.”

Despite entering only his third season with Scott Baldelli Gardening & Design in Central Bucks County, Baldelli said it’s been “better than I had hoped.”

Baldelli got his feet wet by mowing lawns starting at age 16. He continued to mow all through college and eventually started a business.

“I wanted to do more than just mowing lawns,” Baldelli admitted, “so I worked for a few designers and I taught for a little while, and then when we moved here, I worked for another designer and then I decided I was ready to start my business again and really make it more about design and install.”

Baldelli holds a degree in horticulture. Right now, Scott Baldelli Gardening & Design is a family affair – he and his wife are the sole “employees.”

“Hopefully,” Baldelli said, “we can grow. Hopefully, the [Philly Home + Garden] Show really puts us in a position where we can grow. That is the goal, obviously.”

Baldelli’s “specialties include garden maintenance, design, edging, pruning, vegetable gardening, transplanting, deadheading, dry-set stone walls, wooden garden structures, composting and container gardening,” according to his website.

Baldelli has stayed mostly local, but he is willing to branch out.

“We’ll take the trip if the job is right,” Baldelli said.

Business should begin picking up shortly: spring is a little more than a month away. Baldelli is eager to put his green thumb to use.

His goal for clients’ gardens is simple: “To just give it a little more personality, so it doesn’t look like everyone else’s house on the block in the cul-de-sac.”

“I really love to take something that’s existing,” Baldelli said, “and improve it.

“I think most people really want their landscape to look as great as it can,” Baldelli concluded, “but I think people may be a little intimidated and don’t know where to start. [That’s] where we hope to be that kind of jumping-off point for them.”




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