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Santa’s energy source

Mister Sprinkle prepares for his grand debut


Warwick’s Andrew Giacoponello smiles with Mister Sprinkle and his parents, Jeff and Danielle Giacoponello. Mister Sprinkle Christmas cookie gift sets were expected to be available this week.

Everybody loves cookies.

Including Santa Claus, who munches on cookies during his world tour on Christmas Eve to, Jeff and Danielle Giacoponello told their son, Andrew, about three years ago, keep him going all night.

When Andrew Giacoponello asked his parents how Santa is able to accomplish such an amazing feat, Jeff and Danielle Giacoponello answered: “Well, there’s magic in the Christmas cookies that you choose for Santa Claus.”

“We saw it in his eyes, how excited he got knowing that he was part of this effort that brings Santa to our house and to other kids’ houses,” Jeff Giacoponello said.

Santa evidently took a souvenir from the Giacoponello house that first year. It was a star-shaped cookie called “Mister Sprinkle.”

Baking Christmas cookies quickly became a Giacoponello thing. Now, the Giacoponellos are hoping to spread some of their joy to others.

“The experience was so awesome and the story was so great that” Jeff Giacoponello and his daughter, Catrina, decided to put the experience and the story in a book, Jeff Giacoponello said. He added that Catrina said the story should be shared “with other families and allow them to experience this same magic.”

Families that purchase from Mister Sprinkle are getting more than a 36-page children’s book. In addition, they’ll receive molded cookie cutters featuring Mister Sprinkle and his friends, an embroidered plush Mister Sprinkle ornament and the secret recipe for the magical Christmas cookies that give Santa his powers.

The gift set is the first product launched by the Giacoponello family’s Experience in a Box LLC. The Giacoponellos are residents of Warwick.

“It’s about reading the story, baking the cookies, choosing the special [cookie] for Santa and then putting Mister Sprinkle on your tree,” Jeff Giacoponello said.

The Mister Sprinkle Christmas cookie gift set was expected to launch this week. It can be purchased at SprinklesMagic.com and on Amazon.

Mister Sprinkle will also support the Children’s Fund at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP). Giacoponello said they intend to present proceeds from 2017 to CHOP and a portion of proceeds in the new year and beyond to CHOP.

“We wanted to kind of start off with a bang,” Giacoponello said.

The partnership with CHOP was natural, Giacoponello said.

“Our product is about celebrating the magic of being a child,” he said, “and that’s kind of what [CHOP’s] about, finding breakthroughs for children and keeping them strong throughout the process.

“We want [customers] to buy the experience that we’re offering, but we also want them to feel good about the purchase and feel that the money that they’re putting toward this product is going to the right place.”

Experience in a Box is just getting started, too. Giacoponello envisions the family business going down a road with many intersections.

“If we are able to grow Mister Sprinkle the way we hope we can, we want to take those other family experiences that you do with children, like Easter eggs and boo bags on Halloween and different things like that, and package them up and see if we can make a living off of this,” Giacoponello said.

“Mister Sprinkle also wants you to join his digital community,” Giacoponello added. “The read-aloud book is available for free on Mister Sprinkle’s YouTube channel. You can join him on Facebook and Instagram to share photos of your Christmas cookies and time spent together as a family.”

If nothing else, Mister Sprinkle, Giacoponello said, is a great bonding exercise. He invites those who receive the gift set “to gather as a family to read about how you can give Santa his magical powers, make your own Mister Sprinkle and friends cookies, and decorate your tree with the Mister Sprinkle ornament.”

“Our company is all about promoting family time and creating a holiday tradition that is eagerly anticipated year after year,” Giacoponello said.




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