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Haycock joins others in opposing “mini-casinos”


Haycock Township has joined other Upper Bucks communities in taking action designed to allow the township to prevent a “mini-casino” from locating within its borders.

It was done in the form of approval of a resolution at the Dec. 4 public board of supervisors meeting, with officials noting the township retained the option to bypass the resolution through a zoning board resolution.

A recent agreement between the governor and the state general assembly allows for 10 Class 4 casinos in the state, with townships having until the end of the year to advise if they want the option to bar the “mini” operations, which include activities like slot machines and table games.

“When I patronize those kinds of operations myself, I’ve noticed they are located where the necessary infrastructure and municipal services are there to support them,” noted Supervisor Chair Kathleen Babb. “We clearly don’t have that type of support available in Haycock.”

Also at the Dec. 4 meeting, supervisors entertained discussion of correspondence with the Heritage Conservancy regarding the possibility of installing a bike lane in the township on Route 563. Again, the capability of the township to support the idea was questioned, this time regarding cost, liability, and maintenance, with the possibility of the availability of needed funding and volunteers not deemed sufficiently reliable.

The first use of the new Haycock Township Community Center (HTCC) by the Haycock Historical Society, Dec. 1 to 3, for their annual Kringle Shoppe Artisan Craft Fair was deemed a resounding success, with patronage from numerous attendees over the weekend. The establishment of a room in the HTCC for state troopers’ ongoing routine use was noted as also beneficial for HTCC events, as troopers were frequently on site, and also regularly patrolling the vicinity.

The monthly Folk and Bluegrass Jam was also acclaimed, with 17 musicians attending last month’s edition. The next one is 7 to 10 p.m. Friday, Dec. 8. A blood drive is scheduled for Jan. 8, from 2-7 p.m.

Six sealed bids were opened at the meeting for the HTCC roof replacement, with action tabled until the Jan. 2 supervisors’ meeting, pending clarification of options covered. Last February, supervisors approved taking out a low-interest loan to support that project.



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