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Bucks students testify about racism, hate incidents

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Twenty-four Bucks County students – elementary, middle school and high school – traveled by bus Dec. 1 with 32 adults from Bucks County to give testimony about hate incidents, racism and intolerance that they have personally experienced in their school and community.

U.S. Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick arranged for students to give testimony on the House floor. The students spoke there, but the chamber was vacant. However, their words are now a part of the Congressional Record. They also testified in the Gold Room before Fitzpatrick, whose staff recorded the testimony.

The students attend the following schools: Council Rock High School South and North, Holland Middle School, Bristol, Central Bucks East High School, Lenape Middle School, Groveland Elementary School, Tamanend Middle School, Harry S. Truman High School, Tohickon Middle School, Neshaminy High School, Germantown Academy and the George School.

“Hateful attacks on any members of our community based on their religion, race or identity will not be tolerated by our community,” Fitzpatrick said. “It is incumbent upon all of us to condemn hate wherever it appears and to rise above as a community to appeal to the better angels of our nature. I look forward to meeting with neighbors to show we stand together in this struggle.”

The African American Museum of Bucks County (AAMBC) coordinated the trip. The Peace Center worked with the AAMBC regarding the event.

AAMBC leaders will invite people to a January follow-up meeting, including: Fitzpatrick, school administrators and public servants. The students who testified will also be invited, as well as those who could not go on the trip.

The Peace Center will also take part in the follow-up meeting.



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