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Springtown residents want one-way on their street


Armed with a petition containing 42 signatures, a group of Springtown residents is requesting that their section of road become one-way street.

They say preventing motorists from entering Springtown Road from Route 212 would greatly reduce accidents at the intersection with Lower Saucon Road and make their block a lot safer.

At present, eastbound and westbound drivers need to navigate the street with care, but residents complain they aren’t careful enough. They point out numerous incidents where their parked cars and properties were damaged by passing vehicles.

“I had a phone line ripped out of my house by a tractor trailer,” one resident told township supervisors. Big rigs are another sore point, with residents complaining they need to be towed back to 212 at least once a week.

The residents say a recent change in demographics makes the change even more necessary. Data supplied by the group show that five children now reside on the block compared to one a year ago; furthermore, there are four additional pets.

Supervisors directed engineer Bob Wynn to conduct a traffic study on the feasibility of the proposal before any decision is made.


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