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Bucks Playhouse offers unique gift for aspiring thespians, theater lovers

Local theater-lovers and aspiring thespians can join the cast of “Ebenezer Scrooge’s Big Playhouse Christmas Show” as “Scene-Stealers” at Bucks County Playhouse.

This year, give the gift of an experience that will last a lifetime: Bucks County Playhouse offers the chance for local theater-lovers and aspiring thespians to join the cast of “Ebenezer Scrooge’s Big Playhouse Christmas Show” as “Scene-Stealers” on the historic Playhouse stage.

“Scene-Stealers” are invited to a morning workshop and rehearsal, followed by a box lunch and then onstage rehearsal with the cast. Scene-Stealers then watch the production from VIP seats, until it’s time to join the cast onstage for the big musical finale.

Scene-Stealers are taught simple choreography and can even feature a special talent like playing a musical instrument.
Available Scene-Stealers dates include Dec. 15, 22, 23, 27 and 29 from approximately 10 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

The package price is $150 per person (ages 7 and up) and includes: morning workshop and rehearsal, complimentary box lunch, backstage tour of Bucks County Playhouse, onstage rehearsal with cast, VIP seats in the audience to watch the show (until it’s time for “places”), and performance onstage with cast of “Ebenezer Scrooge’s Big Playhouse Christmas Show.” Valet parking can be added for an additional $20.

“Ebenezer Scrooge’s Big Playhouse Christmas Show” by Gordon Greenberg and Steve Rosen will run from Dec. 7 through Dec. 30.

For details, and to purchase Scene Stealer Packages or tickets to the show, visit buckscountyplayhouse.org, call 215-862-2121, or visit the box office at 70 S. Main St., New Hope.


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