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Artist, Fisherman’s Mark partner to fight hunger

Fisherman’s Mark and artist Kelly Sullivan have teamed up to fight hunger with a high-tech take on Paul Cezanne’s painting, “Kitchen Table.”

Lambertville, N.J., artist Kelly Sullivan has traveled the world with her Fingersmear projects, bringing groups together through the joy of creating a unique piece of art.

Her works inspire people, raise awareness of critical issues and build community. Recently, Sullivan, along with her business partner and software engineer Doug Moreland, took her passion for collaborative art into the digital age. The result is a new, easy and fun web application called Paint.Team.

Inspired by the work of the Fisherman’s Mark social services agency in Lambertville, Sullivan lent her newest platform to a community effort. Her team designed a template based on the Cezanne painting “Kitchen Table,” loaded it into Paint.Team and invited the community to participate.

“Filling Kitchen Tables: An Artful Effort to Support the Work of Fisherman’s Mark” is a digital community art project that is open to anyone who wants to show their support for Fisherman’s Mark, particularly through the holiday season when families need extra support.

When the Paint.Team project is finished, Fisherman’s Mark will produce postcards as a thank-you gift for anyone who makes donations throughout the holiday season.

The idea is simple, and extremely user friendly. Community members just go to Paint.Team, create a free log on, and join the team.

“Fisherman’s Mark is all about community and collaboration. A project that allows our supporters to create art representative of their passion is bound to be a masterpiece,” said Roni Todd-Marino, director of Social Services.

The Paint.Team project will run until Nov. 17, in honor of Homelessness and Hunger Awareness Week. The finished artwork also will be available for purchase in the form of greeting cards and prints, with a portion of the proceeds going directly to support the work of Fisherman’s Mark.

Fisherman’s Mark is a private, nonprofit social service agency that has served the community for more than 35 years. Its comprehensive programs not only meet the basic needs of struggling individuals and families, but go beyond the crisis, to empower people to live healthy, stable and meaningful lives.



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