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Speeding issues surface at Buckingham meeting


The Buckingham Township board of supervisors heard from concerned residents about speeding at their Oct. 25 meeting.

Township Manager Dana Cozza mentioned that another resident called in with similar concerns and was looking to submit a petition. A previous petition for speed tables did not hit the threshold of 75 percent of residents a few years ago.

Resident Karen Vecchione of the Hearthstone development addressed the board about combatting a speeding issue on Brandon Way in a community off of Cold Spring Creamery Road designated with 25 mph speed limits. She said she was told the police stated patrol limitations due to manpower constraints.

Cozza mentioned that the township had received a petition for speed tables – elevated flat-top sections of roadway similar to elongated speed humps – by some residents.

Cozza also mentioned that failure to meet the signing of 75 percentof the residents on the affected road resulted in failure of that petition.

Vecchione said that her request was not so much with traffic calming devices but rather a better policing presence.

Supervisor Jon Forest stated that vascar lines were painted, but Vecchione complained that they were not enforced. Supervisor Maggie Rash added that 21 officers were on the township police force and Forest added they worked in two 12-hour shifts.

He added that Cpl. Robert Moller of the highway patrol division was in charge of traffic enforcement. With a 25 mph limit – people go through at 45-50 according to another resident.

“I personally like them myself,” Supervisor Calderaio said regarding speed tables. He suggested that the township manager talk with the police chief about the residents’ concerns

Resident and HOA head Frank Dolski asked the supervisors “for a plan – something.” He argued that a citizen can call in a speeder and that speeder will get a ticket, claiming that it happened to his 16-year-old son 16 to 17 years ago.

Other residents, including the supervisors, questioned his claim.

When other residents and the supervisors questioned that, Dolski added, “They’d seen the color of the car. It was the only red car in the neighborhood.”

“He got a ticket because somebody called the police and said there’s a red car speeding?” Rash asked with some incredulity.

Cozza stated, “I don’t think that would be the best way to do it.” She suggested that as a start, neighbors should talk directly with neighbors about such concerns, which would likely favor a better response.

Another resident said that since Burnt House Hill Road was repaved, speeding is worse. She asked about involving the state Department of Transportation.

Township Engineer Dan Gray responded that PennDOT’s main role is to facilitate traffic rather than slow it down.

Forest suggested contacting state legislative representatives instead. Township Solicitor Craig Smith added that PennDOT’s response could be to raise the limit, cautioning concerned residents about approaching that agency in hopes of a remedy.

In other township business, the 2017-2020 snow plowing bid was awarded by unanimity to Blooming Glen Contractors, Inc. of Perkasie.

Cozza presented the board with a request for a GMC Sierra 4WD with snow plow prep package for the wastewater department, explaining that it was within the township budget. The board authorized the manager to move forward on the purchase in the amount of $47,436.



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