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Easton muralist visits Delaware Valley Regional High School

Art teacher Jason Farnsworth, left, invited painter Giancarlo DeMarchi to take part in Delaware Valley Regional High School’s visiting artist series.

Don’t let a lack of artistic skill get in your way, painter Giancarlo DeMarchi of Easton told a roomful of Delaware Valley Regional High School students on Thursday, Nov. 2. His own skill “was built over time” with lots of repetition.

A longtime friend of Del Val art teacher Jason Farnsworth, DeMarchi was this month’s guest in the art department’s lunchtime visiting artist series.

One of his recent paintings, an extremely vertical abstract image cryptically named “Piece by Piece Cold Time Erasing,” was a hit at a recent one-man show at iMiJ Shop in Easton. When a group called Easton Murals was looking to adorn the 55-foot by 20-foot side of a building on North Bank Street, DeMarchi made a digital rendering of what “Piece by Piece” would look like tipped onto its side and painted onto that blank wall.

The design was accepted and the mural was painted – with the help of some artist friends in a literal paint-by-numbers arrangement that he set up.

DeMarchi became “passionate about drawing” in high school, inspired by the bold, crisp, colorful look of comic books and skateboard graphics.

The comic book artists influenced his style, as he embraced “the visual aspect – how they were drawing, not what they were drawing. After he displayed a series of pictures that were variations on a skull and rose theme, he was told: “I love your work, but I’m not hanging a skull in my living room.” So in his next series, “New Divisions,” he went on to “take all the narrative out of it” and let the viewer provide the context. His mural picture came from that series.

Besides his encouragement to learn by practicing, DeMarchi gave several other tips to aspiring artists:
– “Do your best to put your art out there. Criticism can be daunting, but do it anyway.”

– You can probably figure out a technique, but “it’s a real time saver to listen to an instructor.”

– When you go to buy art supplies, “look at every tool in the art store”; you may see something that will fill a need you don’t even have yet.

– Be open to different media and to collaborating with other artists.

– You don’t need fancy computers or expensive tools and materials. “You can make art with very primitive, old-fashioned tools.”

The series continues Dec. 15 with a visit from illustrator/designer Devin Feely.



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