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Diversity flows at Bridge Valley Elementary

River of rocks celebrates individuality within a school community


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A “River of Diversity,” featuring more than 700 uniquely decorated rocks, made a colorful splash at Bridge Valley Elementary in Furlong last Friday.

Embedded in a slope down the courtyard lawn, the rock installation celebrates the individualism of every student at the Central Bucks elementary school and was formally dedicated with a riboon-cutting ceremony on Nov 3.

Containing 710 rocks, each one painted by a student, the “River of Diversity” is an artistic representation of Bridge Valley’s student body, said Edward Tate, director of communications and strategic planning for Central Bucks School District

“Every rock is unique, but collectively it’s something special,” he said.

The ceremony began with a brief assembly in the gynmansium, followed by the courtyard dedication of the “River of Diversity” – a vivid array of patterns, shapes and colors all coming together in one form. During the ceremony, Bridge Valley students spoke about inclusion at their school, reiterated Bridge Valley’s core values of respect, responsbility, collaboration and citenship, and shared positive messages that reflected the theme of D-I-V-E-R-S-I-T-Y (Different, Inspiration, Variety, Empathy, Respect, Similarities, Inclusion, Team, You).

“I am filled with hope for our world because of all the students I see here today,” said Central Bucks Superintendent John Kopicki. “This is another example of the excellence that represnts all that is good in the Central Bucks School District and in our community.

“You are shining stars and wonderful examples of all that is good in our world.”



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