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Susan S. Yeske: Dining Out

Soup is the favorite for cold, blustery days at Doylestown’s Pennsylvania Soup & Seafood House

Chef Keith Blalock cuts vegetables for one of the many soups he makes for the Pennsylvania Soup & Seafood House in Doylestown.

Since the weather suddenly turned cold after weeks of summerlike days, sales of soup quadrupled at Pennsylvania Soup & Seafood House in Doylestown.

People come for cups and bowls of creamy crab, butternut squash, chicken vegetable and sweet sausage with lentils, said Keith Blalock, who owns the restaurant with partner Chad Riedley.

They also want tomato soup with any of the three kinds of grilled cheese sandwiches sold at the restaurant, or cups of soup with a half turkey, salmon BLT or pastrami sandwich.

Blalock said all of the restaurant’s soups – there are always more than a dozen choices – sell well. The soups are seasonal, and customers will come back for their favorites, he said.

Now that the weather is blustery, that means a menu that includes split pea, baked potato and mulligatawny soups, plus spicy chicken and broccoli with jalapeno cheddar.

The restaurant has been drawing loyal customers since it first opened 13 years ago in the former County Linen store. Blalock is the soup maker, a skill he honed while operating the former Cyber Stop Café in Doylestown.

The restaurant’s customers include those who value the comfort found in a bowl of soup. Some stop by to pick up soup for friends or family who are sick or housebound, or in need of a little pick-me-up.

While soup provides an unlimited palette for new combinations, Blalock also shows off his chef’s skills with a variety of sandwiches, entrees, pizzas and salads. His individually crafted chicken pot pies, potato-crusted crab cakes and fish and chips made with beer-battered cod all have loyal followings.

Everything, including the breads that accompany cups and bowls of soup, is made from scratch at the restaurant, where a typical workday for Blalock begins at 5:30 a.m.

When he isn’t working in the open kitchen at Pennsylvania Soup & Seafood, you might find him at the other restaurant he co-owns with Riedley, Penn Taproom, located nearby in Doylestown.

Restaurants are a family business; Blalock’s wife and children often help out and his twin brother Kevin also is a chef.

After all these years, Blalock still loves his soups. His favorite is the sweet sausage and lentils, but he said he still enjoys them all, no matter the weather.


22 S. Main St., Doylestown

11 a.m.-3 p.m. Mon., 11 a.m.-8 p.m. Tue.-Thu., 11 a.m.-9 p.m. Fri.-Sat., closed Sun.

Soups $4.50-$7.50; sandwiches, wraps and burgers $10-$15; entrees $14-$23; pizza $11-$16.Customer favorites:


creamy crab, butternut squash, chicken vegetable, sweet sausage with lentils.


filet mignon, crabcake, crispy chicken wrap. Entrees: fish and chips, chicken pot pie.BYOB



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