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Sellersville eyes building maintenance ordinance


The Sellersville Revitalization Committee is at work on a project that it hopes will help improve quality of life in the Upper Bucks borough, Robert Rudick said Monday.

Speaking after borough council’s meeting, Council President Rudick said that the committee is crafting a building maintenance ordinance.

While still a work in progress, the ordinance could possibly address overall maintenance standards in rental residential buildings while requiring registration of rental tenants and allowing for inspection of rental properties.

“We’re trying to improve the aesthetics of the town while ensuring properties are up to high quality standards for the safety of the residents,” said Rudick.

The council president, who is active on the revitalization committee, said the intention is to have a draft ordinance ready by December.

“This is something we’d like to put before the full borough council for consideration before the end of the year,” said Rudick, noting council would have to approve the proposed ordinance before its rules could go into effect in Sellersville. Before voting, council would be mandated to hold a public hearing during which residents could ask questions and comment on the proposed ordinance.

In addition to the work of the committee, the borough’s planning commission is reviewing Sellersville’s comprehensive plan and discussing possible updates that could help spur revitalization.

It's all part of Sellersville's increased focus on making the town a more attractive place for businesses, residents and visitors. The fruit of such efforts could, officials hope, achieve everything from economic stimulation to enhanced property values.

To engender such ends, the revitalization committee formed to help improve the quality of life and overall appearance of Sellersville.

Earlier this year, the committee reported to council on a borough-wide survey it conducted, the results of which are helping to steer town invigoration efforts.

According to survey results, more than 4 in 10 respondents identified “blight” as their perception of downtown. It was the single highest response regarding perception of downtown.

Commenting on primary ways to improve downtown and eradicate blight, 58 residents identified upgraded private building maintenance, 25 pointed to better sidewalks, and 23 spoke of enhanced street maintenance, according to survey results provided by the revitalization committee.

The survey received 178 responses. About 1,700 surveys were sent out.



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