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Milford Bucks to evaluate emerald ash borer damage


Milford Township Supervisors voted 2-0 to authorize forester services to evaluate tree damage due to emerald ash borer infestation along parks and public walking trails at a regular business meeting Tuesday night.

Supervisor Charlie Strunk did not attend the meeting.

No costs were provided for forester services at the meeting. Foresters are professionals trained in the science of ecological restoration and forest management.

Township Manager Jeff Vey said he was concerned because of growing damage to the township’s ash trees by the invasive pest, and that several trees were already showing signs infestations.

“I’m concerned about where there is human activity and in high public access areas,” Vey said.

Ash borer damage includes crown die back, bark splits and new growth efforts below where larvae are feeding, according to the University of Wisconsin, Madison and U.S. Department of Agriculture website.

The Unami Trail and Molasses Creek trails in the township would be among those that have high recreation traffic and ash trees, Vey said.

“We would trim and then follow-up with removal of the dead trees,” Vey said.

Vey said he expects more trees to be damaged and die over the next three years.

In other news:

Supervisors voted 2-0 to grant John and Diane Wasserman entry into the Milford Township Agricultural Security Area. The 50.83-acre property owned by the Wassermans on Erdman Road is now eligible for agricultural preservation funding, Vey said.

Other benefits of being part of the Agricultural Security Area include, “protections from land taking (eminent domain), development and agricultural activities,” said Bob Mansfield, board of supervisors chairman.

Mansfield said nuisance complaints were also limited under the security area for protections to landowners over such routine farming processes as creating dust, noise from farm equipment, smells and operations.



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