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Furia Rubel turns 15

Doylestown firm looks forward to another 15


The Furia Rubel team is, from left: Karen Preston-Loeb, Stefanie Caccese, Gina Rubel, Sarah Larson, Caitlan McCafferty, Heather Truitt, Amy Williams and Rose Strong.

If Gina Rubel was giving an acceptance speech at an awards ceremony, her list of people she’d like to thank could go on for days.

During a phone conversation last Thursday afternoon, Rubel, the founder and CEO of Furia Rubel, her marketing and public relations engine for 15-plus years, narrowed her list to two.

“I couldn’t do any of this if it wasn’t for my supportive husband and mom – and that’s really the truth,” Rubel said.

They, Rubel continued, enable her to be a productive working professional and a good mother to two children.

“I would not be here without the two of them,” Rubel said. “I wouldn’t be able to do anything that I do.”

Rubel’s business baby in Doylestown turned 15 in June.

“We’re only as good as the people who work here and the clients we serve,” Rubel said. “And really, I feel like I’ve been just amazingly blessed with some of the best in class on both sides of that equation.

“It’s an amazing team and they’re wonderfully dedicated, very smart,” Rubel added. “We provide team-based services, so no one person does everything, and we do have long-term relationships with our clients for a reason. We really know their business. We have to. We have to be their advocates.”

Rubel is one of eight full-timers. Her staff, she said, has doubled in the past five years to reflect the increased need of Furia Rubel’s integrated marketing and public relations services, including advertising and graphic design, branding and rebranding, business development, content marketing, crisis communications, digital marketing, law firm and legal marketing, mergers and acquisitions, social media, strategic planning and website design.

For the most part, Furia Rubel handles marketing and public relations for the legal, financial service, education, municipal, health care and nonprofit industries.

“We continue to evolve with the industry and our clients,” Rubel said. “One of the most important things about staying relevant and in business, in this rapidly changing environment, is that you have to be willing to implement technologies, solutions and services that meet the clients’ needs and fulfill their objectives.”

It seems to be working. Rubel pointed to a recent survey of 36 former and current clients that gave Furia Rubel top marks for understanding their business objectives.

Rubel said Furia Rubel isn’t a “volume” agency. Most clients, she shared, stay with Furia Rubel for five to seven or eight years. Some have stayed with Furia Rubel longer.

“We continue to serve clients on a regional level,” Rubel said, “but we have clients all over the United States. Our team has grown; our sophistication has grown, as have the technologies that we need to use to be successful.

“We’ve been very fortunate to get to work with just amazing clients and we try to work with best in class whenever we can,” Rubel added.

Furia Rubel has turned its attention inward, as well. The business rebranded and relaunched a new website within the past few weeks.

“We really did focus a lot of time and energy on the brand and on the website because it’s the primary portal into everybody’s front door,” said Rubel, whose online presence is at furiarubel.com. “We’ve been putting our energy there and we’ve hired a few new people.”

Rubel, a lawyer with a strong interest in giving back and too many individual awards to print, is unsure what’s in store for Furia Rubel’s 15th anniversary celebration. More of the same on the business side, she agreed.

“We’re here to help drive their success,” Rubel reiterated.

“Our whole focus,” Rubel continued, “is about looking at the business objectives and putting together strategies that will meet those objectives. So, in other words, we’re not just doing a brochure for an event. It’s really about: how do we help them?”




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